Mapping Jewish Charleston was made possible by funding from the Cahnman Foundation, the Charleston Jewish Federation, and the Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture at the College of Charleston (CofC).

The creative team for the first phase of the project included Dale Rosengarten, Harlan Greene, and Alyssa Neely from Special Collections, Addlestone Library, CofC; Shari Rabin, assistant professor of Jewish Studies, CofC; Sarah Fick, author, independent researcher, and expert in local history; and web designer Jerry Spiller.

Sarah Fick conducted the bulk of archival and property research on people and places for the historical maps—1788, 1833, and 1910. She drafted each entry, located historic images, and identified extant buildings to be photographed. She was assisted by Alyssa Neely, Harlan Greene, and Dale Rosengarten in writing thumbnail sketches of individuals and buildings. Harlan, Dale, and Shari Rabin were principal editors and authors of the historical overviews. Sarah and photographer Jack Alterman provided original photography. Jerry Spiller created the interactive maps and was responsible for web design and production. CofC Digital Services Coordinator Tyler Mobley provided technology support.

For the 2020 pages, Harlan Greene and Dale Rosengarten co-authored the introductory text and thumbnail sketches of contemporary points of interest. CofC professors Barry Stiefel and Joshua Shanes and Rabbi Michael Davies of Congregation Dor Tikvah provided insight into the expansion of Jewish institutions west of the Ashley River. Jack Alterman contributed new photography and drone footage. Su Schaer and her colleagues at Nimble Design Team designed and produced the twenty-first-century site.

Alyssa Neely took charge of selecting and editing images for all four maps, writing photo captions, securing photo permissions, fact checking, and proofreading.

Except where otherwise noted, images are courtesy of Special Collections, College of Charleston Libraries.

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