Sokol Family Way

In April 2018, the stretch of King Street between Mary and Reid streets was dedicated as Sokol Family Way by Mayor John Tecklenburg and members of city council, in honor of the family that had been in business at 510 King Street from 1919 to 2015.

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Sam Rittenberg Boulevard

In 1972, one of the heaviest travelled corridors in West Ashley, Highway 7 between US 17 and the North Bridge, was named Sam Rittenberg Boulevard. The bill, passed unanimously by the South Carolina House and Senate, was crafted “as a Memorial to this dedicated Public Servant.” Born in Lithuania in 1867, Rittenberg emigrated to America

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Holocaust Memorial

Charleston’s memorial to the destruction of the Jewish people of Europe, and to the heroic few who made it out, is a testament to the impact Jews have made locally and to the drive and dedication of Holocaust survivors who settled in South Carolina after World War II. In 1994, a group spearheaded by survivors

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Eruv (pl. Eruvim)

An eruv, translated from Hebrew as “mixture,” is a shared urban space—a physical and psychological enclosure—in which observant Jews are permitted to carry objects and perform daily tasks such as pushing baby strollers on Saturdays and religious holidays without violating the fourth commandment’s prohibition against “work” on the Sabbath. The boundary marked by eruvim might

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Charleston Jewish Federation

The Charleston Jewish Federation works through collaborations and partnerships to cultivate Jewish education, support Israel, care for vulnerable populations at home and abroad, and develop leadership in the next generation. The Federation raises funds to pursue these goals, and awards grants to various institutions for the benefit of the Jewish community.

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Sherman House

Located on the campus of the former Jewish Community Center in West Ashley, Sherman House is a fifty-six unit, three-story affordable-housing apartment building for senior citizens. The facility is named for Harold Irving “Buzz” Sherman (1926–2013), who developed the concept and oversaw its design and construction in the early 1980s. His wife, Minnie Ruth Nussbaum

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Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim (Holy Congregation House of God)

Founded in 1749 as a Sephardic congregation, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim moved into its first permanent sanctuary in 1794. In 1824, a group of its members petitioned for reforms; rejected, they created their own congregation, the Reformed Society of Israelites, and published the first Reform prayer book in America. While the Reformed Society was short-lived,

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Jewish Community Center

The first Jewish Community Center in Charleston opened at 54 George Street in 1922 with Sam Rittenberg as president. The JCC’s fortunes waxed and waned over the years. Run by volunteers, it hosted a Hebrew school and other activities for children and adults. In 1945, after a span of inactivity, the organization was incorporated and

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