Dr. Jacob Canter DeLaMotta

Logan Street

A doctor and religious traditionalist

Unlike many Jewish merchants who lived above their stores, Dr. Jacob Canter DeLaMotta (1789–1845) maintained a private residence here, a few blocks from his pharmacy at the corner of Broad and King Streets. On April 29, 1835, he married Charlotte Lazarus (1804–1894); the couple had four children, Jacob Emanuel, Julia, who died in infancy, Juliet, and Isabel. He helped organize Congregation Mikveh Israel in Savannah, GA, serving as hazan, even though he lived in Charleston. He became affiliated with Shearit Israel here.

Jacob De La Motta (1789–1845) and James McHenry (1785–1845), 1842–1844

Jacob De La Motta (1789–1845) and James McHenry (1785–1845), 1842–1844

Artist: Auguste Edouart (1789–1861). Ink wash, chalk and cut paper on paper. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Robert L. McNeil, Jr.