Hertz Family

King Street

Dry goods merchant who lived in comfortable quarters above the store

Jacob E. Hertz (1776–1846) kept a dry goods store here in the 1830s, and lived above the business with his family. After the 1833 death of his wife, Rebecca Mordecai Hertz, he shared the commercial space with his son Isaac Eger Hertz, an accountant. Hertz’s children held title to the building after his death. In 1859, his son Dr. Thaddeus E. Hertz advertised it for rent as a “desirable residence, containing five upright and three well-finished attic rooms, with gas throughout. On the premises are a brick kitchen with four rooms, cistern and well of water.”

Gravestone of Jacob E. Hertz (1776–1846)

Gravestone of Jacob E. Hertz (1776–1846)

Coming Street Cemetery. Photo by Stephane Grauzam, ca. 2015. Courtesy of Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina.