Harby Cemetery

25 Hanover Street

A private Jewish Cemetery

The origins of this cemetery are obscure. The land was purchased in 1798 by Henry Moses, Solomon Moses, Myer Derkheim, Samuel Hyams, Benjamin Tores, and Solomon Harby in trust “as a burial ground and place of interment” for them and their descendants “and also such other persons and persons professing Judaism”. Clauses stipulated that it had to be held in perpetuity by the descendants of the trustees and could never be sold; and that descendants could not be refused burial there. Some burials took place here into the late 19th century, with many Harby family members among them, including Caroline de Litchfield Harby, a daughter of Solomon Harby. Like the DaCosta Cemetery, also on Hanover Street, the Harby Cemetery was seized by the City of Charleston in 1939 for failure to pay an assessment levied on all property owners along the street to pay for paving it.

For more information see The old Jewish cemeteries at Charleston, S.C. by Barnett A. Elzas.

For more information on the Harby and DaCosta Cemeteries see the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina, Cemeteries & Memorial Plaques.