Nathan Hart

220 King Street

Hardware merchant and opponent of religious reform

Nathan Hart and his heirs managed a successful hardware store on this corner for decades. Until the great fire of April 1838, Hart (1784–1840) ran the business in a rented building. By the time of his death, he had bought the lot, built this substantial brick store, and reopened Nathan Hart & Son, Hardware, in partnership with his son Samuel Nathan Hart.

Nathan Hart was an active member of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim. He was on the adjunta and remained president of the congregation until his death in September 1840, but by then he had emerged as a leading opponent of reform. He died from “country” (yellow) fever, just as the traditionalists seceded from KKBE. Hart explicitly requested that Rev. Poznanski not preside at his funeral. He was eulogized instead by Dr. Jacob Canter DeLaMotta, acting hazan of the breakaway congregation, Shearit Israel.

220 King Street, 2016

220 King Street, 2016

Nathan Hart (1784–1840) built this brick building and established a hardware business here with his son Samuel. Photo by Jack Alterman.