Banov Family | Jacob Turtletaub | Hyman Bluestein

428 King Street

Late-nineteenth and early twentieth-century occupancy at 428 King Street was characteristic of the neighborhood. In the 1890s, the Banov Brothers clothing store, a joint venture of Sam, Simon, and Charles Banov, was located at 428 King Street. The business was successful, even opening branch shops, but the brothers dissolved the partnership in 1900. Sam Banov then took over the Banov Bros. shop at 595 King Street.

In 1905, Jacob Turtletaub & Co., clothiers, was found on the ground floor of 428 King Street; with his wife, Rosa, Turtletaub lived at 24 Morris Street. By 1910, Jacob Turtletaub had moved his business and residence to 455 King Street. The Union Restaurant, not known to be a Jewish business, occupied the ground floor of 428 King Street; Hyman Bluestein lived in the apartment upstairs.