Israel Lapin | I. M. Goldberg

468 King Street

In 1910, Israel Lapin and his wife, Dora, lived in a two-story wood-frame building (now gone) at 468 King Street. The ground floor was Lapin’s shop, where he sold “clothings, etc.” By 1915, I. M. Goldberg & Bro., purveyors of carpets, rugs, and furniture, occupied the premises.

The rear of the building was a separate wing used for religious purposes. When they lacked time to go to Brith Sholom on St. Philip Street, Jews with stores or residences in the upper King Street neighborhood met here to pray. A mikveh, a ritual bath, was on the second floor. From King Street, the worship site was accessed by an alley outside the commercial building, and was fittingly known as an “alley minyan.”